Rusudan Petviashvili


"One is even alarmed, when looking at her works. I was deeply moved to see her amazing fancy, this union of the natural with the elements of the supernatural."

Renato Guttuso


“No other child’s drawings have ever impressed me so deep as those of little Rusudan... A wonderful feeling seized me. Along with admiration, I became chased by an inexplicable question that made me anxious in the direct sense of the word. Who is this queer child? An infant prodigy? An extraordinary talent? An anomaly of nature? An abundantly gifted person? Or... This “or” follows me up to now, as an unsolved phenomenon making me seek for the explication. “

Elguja Amashukeli


"She has never been a child even through her earliest drawings. Each of her works, as well as the whole exhibition, pushes you to think, search, find out... And all of this is caused by a subtle form, a smart line and an integral composition, which are not subject to a logic analysis. Rusudan and her drawings are incomparable."

Chabua Amirejibi


"The general scheme of Rusudan Petviashvili’s work is as abstract and isolated as music... Her paintings cannot be compared with anything. She is a phenomenon, a new blazing-up of talent."

Avtandil Vartagava


"A picture, being hung on the wall, has to be judged by a scholar. And it we take a fact – a fact without attachments – he will say what he has to. But if we consider this fact with the attachments it will be shown that it is as complex and complicated a phenomenon as to be impossible to explore and throw lights upon by any of one-branched experts. Today, this phenomenon is well-spoken. No doubt, it will be spoken even more...


When you face her work, try to spare half an hour. Then spend this time in front of any single picture. Stand there and contemplate it. Quite soon, you will feel some invisible channels opening within you, will feel a huge light and a huge clarity – a momentary sensation of catharsis – entering you... However, it is not a catharsis. It is rather a need of it, and this means that the goal of art is achieved."

Jemal Karchkhadze


"The first impression is that you are disarmed. You face the vivifying imprints of a furious and dizzy fantasy. Instinctively, being suggested by some subconscious force, you look for a familiar moment common for the earthly life, undoubted and reliable, you look for that daily surrounding or atmosphere where it could be thinkable such a feast of imagination... By one word, you look for a contact with the reality, and you are puzzled."


Because here you see neither traditional styles nor still lives and landscapes as well as no illustrations and striking reminiscences... The fancy procreates here most dynamic, dizzy, rampant plays that have neither origin nor end... Our consciousness is invaded by a thoroughly alien world, which has its own rules of existence.


One may infinitely speak of this painter. However, the theme is inexhaustible, and if you would still like to say something then better to dwell upon the essential as far as the nature of Rusudan Petviashvili’s talent is as ungraspable as her works themselves.”

Andro Buachidze


“Looking at the drawings of Rusudan Petviashvili, you see for oneself the truthfulness of the laconic saying of the greatest of wise men that knowledge is remembrance...


Unaccountably, suggested by the Divine Will, the magic hand of the painter irrepressibly draws fine lines turning into constellations of scarcely distinguishable dots and sprinklings. Through the latter, as through the life-giving capillaries, there grow exotic tissues of sprouts carrying along with them the images of some refined airy creatures either sitting, weightlessly and solemnly, on those sprouts or freely soaring in the air. These images do neighbourhood with some mysterious sacramental signs or some fatal symbolic ghost-monsters vigilantly guarding their fair prisoners. And all of this is beheld not on an anarchically narrow local background, but on a large cosmic scale. The young painter shades her picture with the presence of some alien Spirit, never reducing the strain of the spectator who is gradually imbued with a sensation of a hazy anxiety, an infinite hope and a bright joy emanating from each of Rusudan’s works…

Anzor Gvelesiani



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